About Marysville

Marysville is a stunning small country town located just a 90 minutes’ drive from Melbourne, 34 kilometres north-east of Healesville and 41 kilometres south of Alexandra, in the Shire of Murrindindi, Victoria.

It is located at the foot of Lake Mountain, the closest Alpine resort to Melbourne, in a valley of the forested mountains of the Great Dividing Range in the Yarra Valley region. Due to its scenic and peaceful location Marysville is beautiful all year round and offers activities for all ages. Snow play in the winter, the changing colours of Autumn, bushwalking in the Spring, or swimming and BBQ’s in the Summer, add to that wineries, trout fishing and art galleries and Marysville becomes a must-do destination.

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The town of Marysville began as an overnight camp for coaches taking miners along the Yarra Track to the Woods Point, Jordan, Jamieson and Gaffney’s Creek goldfields from 1862. John Steavenson, Assistant Director of Roads and Bridges, named the camp Marysville after his wife Mary when he surveyed the area in the early 1860s. The Steavenson River, which runs through the town, and Steavenson Falls one of the tallest in Victoria, with five cascades, a total descent of 122 metres (400 ft.), the last having a clear drop of more than 21 metres (69 ft.) are both named in his honour.

The camp became a village from 1863 as publicans and storekeepers began setting up businesses to cater for the visiting diggers.

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On Saturday 7th February 2009, Black Saturday, over 90% of the town was destroyed. With the sheer determination of the local people and businesses, plus support from the State and Federal Government and the people of Australia, the town is on its way to a full recovery.

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